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Information About Best Document Management Apps

Microsoft SharePoint
Summary: Microsoft SharePoint is a document management app with many included features you won’t find in competing apps in this category. Of course, it comes with plenty of meaningful document management features too, including coauthoring, versioning, file sync, team policies and more.

Pricing: Microsoft SharePoint has three pricing plans:

SharePoint Online Plan 1: $5 per month per user with a one-year term
SharePoint Online Plan 2: $10 per month per user with a one-year term
Office 365 E3: $20 per month per user for access to the entire Microsoft Office suite
Summary: M-Files is a document management app renowned for its ease of use. Its features include version control, workflow automation, optical character recognition and image scanning.

Pricing: All M-Files pricing plans are customized to each customer. For more information, you must contact M-Files for a quote.

Best travel apps
Concur Travel
Summary: Concur Travel streamlines expense tracking and invoice generating for traveling salespeople. Through Concur Travel, you and your employees can upload expense receipts for reimbursement approval. You can also plan your travel itinerary within the app and change it as needed.

Pricing: Rather than listing prices on its website, Concur Travel recommends contacting its sales team for a customized quote.

WiFi Map
Summary: WiFi Map addresses a frequent travel issue: not having access to either Wi-Fi or mobile data. Its crowdsourced, real-time maps point to tens of thousands of free WiFi spots in major cities, including New York, London and Tokyo.

Pricing: WiFi Map is free.

XE Currency
Summary: XE Currency helps you convert currencies in a flash. You can input the amount you’re spending in another country’s currency to see how much it costs in your currency. You can also use the app to quickly show sales leads at a business conference how much your services will cost them in their currency.

Pricing: XE is free.

Best presentation apps
Summary: Canva has become ubiquitous in the world of Instagram slides, and it’s also a powerful presentation tool for small businesses. It includes hundreds of prebuilt presentation templates with modifiable fonts, images, colors and more. It also comes with team collaboration tools and a stock library containing millions of images.

Pricing: Canva has three pricing tiers:

Free: $0 per month for over 250,000 free templates, hundreds of thousands of free images and 5GB of cloud storage
Pro: $12.99 a month or $119.99 per year for over 420,000 free templates, 75 million free images and 100GB of cloud storage
Enterprise: $30 per month per year for everything in Pro, with additional large business features

Summary: Visme is a cloud-based presentation platform with tools for brand consistency, analytics, image storage and more. You can also use Visme to create social media posts, animations and videos.

Pricing: Visme has four pricing tiers:

Free: The free plan supports five projects and 100MB storage.
Standard: For $15 per month, you get 15 projects and 250MB storage.
Business: For $29 per user per month, you get unlimited projects and 10GB storage.
Enterprise: Pricing is customized for this plan. It supports unlimited users and 25GB storage.